Hi Everyone,

I am commissioning a new database to be built by a development partner, and I need to inform myself through an unbiased forum on some of the pros/cons/risks of the underlying technology layer.

Here is the scenario:
- The App/DB will be polling field devices, each of which will report every 2 minutes (over 3G)
- Initially, there will be 2000 field devices, with a maximum of 5MB/month/device transmitted over the air. (With potential to scale up to 10,000 or more devices)
- Calculated out to ~10GB/month @ 2000 devices
- The DB will store the location/history of the field devices, for retrieval/analysis by customers through a self service portal


  1. I have some experience with querying MS SQL Server, but am essentially a DB Newbie when it comes to DB Design, Hence I have some questions around how to tackle this task.
  2. 10GB/Month seems like a lot of data. Should I be concerned?
  3. What sort of precautions should I take with regard to Hardware Selection (will be externally hosted),
  4. DB Platform selection - I'm thinking MySQL or MS SQL. Can anyone point me in the right direction or offer their opinions?
  5. DB Design - I'm concerned that my DB Developer has not dealt with large volumes of data before. Is this a specialist area, or will the DB just take care of it?
  6. Will 5MB of data transmitted to the DB directly correlate to the expansion of the DB Size? What factors determine the relationship between data capture size & DB growth size?

Any assistance, or referral to other resources would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for reading this, and providing advice.