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    Unanswered: Package creation in db2luw


    can some one let me know the steps to create a package in db2luw. I am having around 100 individual functions. I want all of them to be created on a single package & to run that package in my db2 server.


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    Check your terminology: you might want to bundle several functions or sprocs into a module. Normally one SQL-PL procedure source-file contains at least one sproc (but can contain more than one sproc) and after successful compilation results in a stored package. Programs call sprocs (which can result in that package being loaded from the catalog and executed). You don't run packages explicitly - instead you or people's code call sprocs and functions that cause packages or sections within them to execute.

    Refer to the Knowledge Centre for your version of DB2 and operating-system platform, and in particular study sample file "modules.db2" which gives all relevant information.

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