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    Talking The 3rd normal form

    There is a property table and its data are listing below:
    1. Whether this table is in accordance with The 3rd Normal Form?

    2. If we need to search atomic value in「property identification」and the letter list from A to J. The second and fourth codes don't have limitations and the data type about property identification is char(6).
    Select *From
    Where LEFT ( property identification, 1) BETWEEN "A" AND "J" AND MID( property identification, 3, 3)= "-"

    Can everyone please give me some tips about 3rd Normal Form?
    How to answer questions one?
    I know it needs to satisfy two rules:
    1. It satisfies second normal form.
    2. Every field and primary key don't have indirect dependence relationship.
    Also I can't understand the where clauses in question two.
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