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    Unanswered: Enter parameter value

    Hi guys,

    I want to make a report for a database I have and I want it to show a percentage. Its a simple table with only 2 fields, where I want the percentage to be the amount of fields opposed to the total.
    Here is the query

    SELECT genre_name,(COUNT(genre_name)*100/(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo_Movie_Genre)) As percentage
    FROM dbo_Movie_genre
    GROUP BY genre_name
    ORDER BY percentage DESC;

    Now this gives me the error: "enter parameter value" for percentage. Ive looked it up but its all kinda blurry to me.


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    I would have written:
    SELECT genre_name
          ,(COUNT(genre_name)*100) / COUNT(*) As percentage
      FROM dbo_Movie_Genre;
    Have a nice day!

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