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    Unanswered: db2 7.1 installation error


    I was installing db2 7.1. after completing the software install, I was creating database instance with db2setup -d on solaris 8 (we have to stick with this old version). It came with the below error. I have checked the /etc/services file and there was no entry. what could be the issue?

    | | /opt/IBMdb2/V7.1/instance/db2icrt -a SERVER -u db2fenc1 db2inst1 | |
    | | | |
    | | Output log of the above command: | |
    | | DBI1703E No valid service name or port number found.\n | |
    | | DBI1079I Output is saved in the log file /tmp/db2icrt.log.2317.

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    Try specifying the instance port on the command line using "-p <port number>" when running db2icrt manually.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    You have a long journey ahead...

    When DB2 V7.x was released, it supported Solaris Version 2.6 and higher.
    I'm not sure about Solaris 8 , but DB2 v8.x supported Solaris 8.

    Try this: as root, take a backup of your /etc/services file, and then vi /etc/services and
    add the following lines if they do not already exist (change the port numbers as needed):

    DB2c_db2inst1 50000/tcp
    DB2_db2inst1 60000/tcp
    DB2_db2inst1_END 60003/tcp

    Then as root, retry the db2icrt command.
    You can also use the option -p DB2c_db2inst1 (or -p 50000 or whatever port your instance will listen-on)

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