I am trying to design a database for a computer repair class. I have most of the database designed already, but I'm having trouble with one particular request for the project. The issue I'm having is that, though in most cases, students will work on a computer on their own, there will also be cases in which students can team up with another student. There's also the possibility that a student may begin working on something but need to have someone else look at the issue.
My current database will work fine for the cases where a single student works on and finishes the repair work. However, I'm having trouble figuring out how to handle the teams and the cases when one student passes his work on to another. I want to be able to give the instructor a report at the end of each class listing all the issues that were brought in and show who performed what steps:

Customer: John Doe
Issue: Having trouble logging on to Windows

Student A Logged in using Safe Mode and added new generic username/password Still not working
Student B Passed on to Student C
Student C Performed a System Restore to date prior to the original date of issue. Issue fixed

I have attached the relationships view of the Access database as I currently have it. I'm hoping someone can give me some hints on how to remedy this issue.

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