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    Unanswered: Learning assignment: Trouble Writing Queries

    I am Using MYsql Console. New to databases.
    i Read chapters and pages for help but just can't seem to get it right.

    i created all my tables and insertions but i need to see how the queries are written.

    this is my code

    DB Code.txt

    These are the Queries:

    Write a query that selects all the jobs for a particular customer.

    Write a query that selects the jobs that David Garcia has worked on.

    Write a query that selects all the owner and addresses for bathroom installation jobs.

    Write a query that counts the number of jobs that need a kitchen sink.

    Write a query that selects the customer names and addresses for all the jobs that require fittings from Dennis Bathrooms.

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    Please post what you've done so far. We can't help you with queries without knowing how you have configured your tables, columns, and data.

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    As Pat said, we can't help you,due to lack of data and seeing what you are working with, but here are a couple examples to point you in the direction, put them to use on your tables and data.

    select jobs from job where customer = 'a particular customer'

    select jobs from job j
    inner join contractor c
    on j.job = c.job
    and c.contractor = 'David Garcia'

    etc... etc...

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