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    Unanswered: Formula for week by week data if date range selected by date text boxes


    I want to run report where a person selects the date range and say Jan 5th to Jan 30 from date text boxes and could see week by week data for a filter.

    Something like

    Week of Jan 5 Week of 12 Week of 19

    Count of issue = 5 Count of issue = 8 Count of issue = 9

    etc What would be the formula

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    Quote Originally Posted by jj2 View Post
    etc What would be the formula
    The formula depends on how your report defines a week. Do weeks start at the begin date of the range, the beginning of the month or year, a specific day of the week, or something different? How do you handle fractional weeks when you "roll over" the week counter (for example one ISO standard allows partial weeks at the beginning and end of a year, another ISO standard allows the first week of the year to start in the prior year).

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