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    Unanswered: how do you verify that db2 connect server is being used?

    I'm no longer in the DB2 arena but I am in charge of licensing for IBM products. We have a DB2 Connect server that is only connecting to our z/os system (no distributed connections). I was able to give our "DBA" the commands to get that much information. We have a system moving off of z/os later this year that our "DBA" thinks" is the only one using the Connect server. You can't just shut down a production server to see who screams so that's not an option. I know that contractors stood these servers up so nobody is really responsible for them. My thought is that when the application is off, to remove db2diag.log and then check in a few days to look at the activity. The person that is responsible for the Connect server is getting paid to be a DBA, but knows less than nothing. I don't have or want authority to do his job. I'm thinking db2diag.log may be my simplest option. I know it's probably a V7 or early V8 version. Thanks, Jeff

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    The Z/os DBAs should be able to identify any connections (+ authid + SQL they run) that originate from the DB2-Connect-server (once your local DBA gives them its config details).

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    Also, nowadays, you may have distributed applications/users accessing your mainframe data and not using your connect gateway server, but you still need the same license for those applications/users.

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    If you kick up DIAGLEVEL ("db2 update dbm cfg using diaglevel 4") on the Connect server you will see all connection attempts in db2diag.log

    Also, issuing "db2 list applications" will show all currently active connections through the server, if any.
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