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    Unanswered: ID's for Insert and Modified Fields

    Just curious if you all add ID's with your Inserts and Modified (Date) fields. Such as 1 would indicate if the record was inserted manually, whereas 2 might indicate it was update or inserted by a web application.

    I've never seen tables carry this architecture but now I am seeing it a lot. Doesn't seem incredibly useful.

    Thanks for any follow ups.
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    If I need this type of information, I get and maintain it using an auditing system. Putting the data in the table itself is at best decorative, and easily corrupted (both intentional and inadvertent).

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    It's not a requirement I've ever really needed to log before, but it is sometimes something I have had to profile for on occasion.

    If I had to do this, then I would be looking at App_Name(). This will only really work if the application name is specified in the connection strings used, though.
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