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    Unanswered: Format of db2 license file

    I need to update the db2 license.

    I got a new license key which looks like this - not the actual key

    I created a new file db2conpe.lic and placed the license key in it as a single line.

    I am giving db2licm -a db2conpe.lic but I am getting following error -
    [root@rtk-dev01-gr adm]# ./db2licm -a db2conpe.lic
    LIC1407N You are trying to register an invalid license certificate file, "/opt/ibm/db2/V10.1/adm/db2conpe.lic".

    Is the format of license file correct? Also is that how the license key looks like? Or is there something wrong with license itself. How can I resolve this Issue.

    Please do tell me the correct format of license file.

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    Who gave you that key? They should have provided you with a new licence file instead. Ask for that.

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