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    I am trying to create a report for 5 different dentists schedule for their current date ( and also allow a search for upcoming appointments)...

    i know it requires a query but im not to sure what direction to take as i have never created a report before...

    What needs to appear on the query? im aware it would be all the fields i want on the report but do i need to make changes in the critiera etc..

    I also dont really know how i can create a report for each dentist because i dont want to have 5 different reports.. is it possible to have the report set where i type the dentist name and select which one i require and then i can view their schedule?

    Please may i be advised

    thank you very much

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    what beeds to appear in the report..
    no point asking that here, as its your business requirement, your choice as to what you understand the report NEEDS to show

    what nees to appear in the query
    ...well virtually everything you need to display in the report as defined by your business requirement above.
    you can pull somethings in using dlookups (say dentists or customers names), but in a properly designed normalised db you'd be doing that anyway folllowing the jolins. Assuming htat:-
    1) have properly designed your tables following the rules of normalisation
    2) you hgave defined realtionships that enforce RI rules implicit in a normalised DB
    ..then if you use the query designer select the tabels which have the data you need, the relationships should appear
    drag and drop the columns you need form each table to give the data you need for your report

    or write the query properly using SQL
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