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    Unanswered: SCO Unix Foxbase+ data copy

    We have an SCO Unix Foxbase+ system that has run reliably for many years. As time has gone by some of our data files have grown large (some with parts archived from time to time) but the system still flies.

    Recently we have begun to see a problem where copying data to another SCO Unix drive from the command prompt in Foxbase does copy the file, but the copied file is truncated. The copy command is accurate and should have copied more records - sometimes the whole file - but the output does not have the data.

    We lost our SCO Sys Admin, so now we are data geeks trying to identify the source of the problem:
    The user has access to the target SCO Unix drive
    There's nothing wrong with the source data file - the data missing from the target file is present and easily accessible through the standard system channels.
    No index files or filters are involved.
    The data condition to copy the file is valid.

    We are pursuing questions about file size limits, etc. on another forum that supports SCO Unix admin issues.

    But I was hoping there might be a data guru out there that had run into this type of problem before.

    TIA for your help!

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    Maximum file size in 2gb. Maximum number of records is approximately the total record length (from disp structure) divided into 2147483648.
    Is there a config.fx file in the directory where you start foxplus? If so see if "set deleted on" is set.
    Your problem may be that the source dbf has deleted records, and the target does not.

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