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    Unanswered: Hit counter - how to code

    Dear all,
    Our company sends out marketing emails
    every week. Each email is html-based. The
    content is an image , it is a linked image
    referenced by <img> tag.

    I wish to find out how many people read our
    emails by counting how many times the image has been downloaded from our server. I am wondering how can I achieve this with ASP ?
    Can anybody give me a little bit of guidance?

    Thank you in advance.

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    I think the idea with these things is that you sort of create the image on the fly. A "vanilla" image file cannot be tracked in ASP, though you might be able to do something within your hosting configuration (i.e. not in ASP).

    You need to create an ASP document that returns the content type of "image/gif". You can then throw your tracking code in that ASP file.

    Are you using Classic ASP or ASP.NET?
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    with ASP I dunno
    but your server log file should show how many times a specific file has been requested
    it should be fairly trivial to scan the log file, or if your site is hoisted by a remote ISP they may already have that information available to you.

    you could then extend the principle to say request a page which has a user ID embedded in, load the page, take note of the requestor and then serve the content. tthat way round you qwoiuld then knwo which users have actually looked at the page. if you are a smart aleck you could then monitor the tiem taken reading the subsequent page and then you'd have knowlegde of:-
    1) how many on your email list responded to your email
    2) who they were
    3) how long each user stayed viewing the page.

    IE discovering hoiw useful your email broad cast is. if its not getting many hits then either you've got a dodgy list to start with, or your email requesting they visit isn't good enough
    then discovering out of your email list what sort of things are seemingly of interest to which of your customers
    taking note of how long they visit you then have the ability to workout what it is they are interested in detail

    naturally it depends on how many users you get and how much data they generate. this sort of data can be used by big comoanies and small, but it seems to be the mid size co's who don't have enought time / too much data not enough resources to do the analysis
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