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    Unanswered: Issue with Parameter form and subreport

    Have a access 2010 database, I have a main data entry form that has a button to open a popup/modal form to collect date parameters for subreport. The main report base off query with subreport based on different query where the main report has two text fields with control source of dates from form. Form has button to open report and all data needed is displayed. Issue 1 the form is still open on top of report and if I close lose the parameter for report so if try to scroll/print report pages there is no subreport data. My assumption the form must stay open and have visible property set to false when/where/how do I set this should it be on form or report properties. Next Issue 2 if the form is set to visible false when/where/how do I close it when report is closed. Then Issue 3 if main report record source actually has no data in sub report is there a way to hide/not display that record in main report?
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    I would hide it in the code behind the button and make it visible or close it in the close event of the report.

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