I currently have a database set up and I have an external questionnaire that produces results in an excel sheet. I have a PCOMAIN table that holds records that I currently had (prior to the questionnaire being developed with some info on the people in it). I now have the questionnaire that has data with both new information on new people and new information on people already in the PCOMAIN table.
So I imported the excel sheet and created a Copy of PCOMAIN table with all the data in it. So now I have duplicate records

My question is,
1. How can I remove the duplicates but keep all the info. So basically if David Lafko is in 2 times one time has minimal info and the 2nd time has more info how can I merge them together to ensure I don't loose any data
2. How do I get the two tables to merge together then so I don't have to change all my form properties to fit the new data..

I was able to make a duplicate query but then could not figure out how to merge the data.

I am not good at code so if you can walk me thru anything you provide I would greatly appreciate it.