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    Cool Unanswered: Creating Trigger to Create Action

    I hope I explain this so someone may understand I apologize for the non-tech words. I have developed an Access 2013 database, which has grown as I am learning the many facets of Access. The database I will use at work in a funeral home. I Have one combo box field that is named Category with three selections those being Prearrangement, At Need, Infant Stillborn. Prearrangement is my default value which is perfect until the actual death occurs. It is on a form named Personal Info. The other is a date field DOD (Date of Death) which is on form named Vital Statistics. Both forms are ultimately subforms of navigation form named funeral record. All data is stored in table named Primary_Data_Table. What I would like to do is figure out how to make that combo box Prearrangement field switch automatically to At Need once the date field is triggered. However, I also would like to be able to manually select Infant Still born from Combo box as needed. Does anyone know if this is possible and how I would implement this? Thanks everyone for all your help I have learned so much from these forums.

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    In the after update event of the date field:

    If IsDate(Me.DateField) Then
      Me.ComboName = "At Need"
    End If
    You could add an Else clause to put it back to the default value if appropriate.

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