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    Unanswered: Function Obfuscation in db2luw


    I have created few functions & procedures in db2luw on windows. I can obfuscate all my procedure codes. I found some problems in function obfuscation. Can some one let me know , how to obfuscate function codes in db2luw with external routines as java or c. If it is not possible , how can i hide my function code, any other way.

    Thank you
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    You may use GRANT, so no one else than you can have access to SPs and function code.
    Florin Aparaschivei
    DB2 9.7, 10.5 on Windows
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    Study the docs for DBMS_DDL module functions, and create_wrapped etc.
    And remember that this is obfucation only.
    A determined DBA can reverse engineer to some degree, regardless of obfuscation, particularly if obfuscated code is causing issues.

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