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    Unanswered: Mysql reporting tool


    To be honest i am not fully sure what i am looking for so forgive me if i am not making a lot of sense

    Basically this is the issue i am trying to solve. We have lots of SQL reports which we run manually, things like number of users and number of files uploaded grouped by hour of the day. You get the idea lots of operational type reports that give us data on our users. However viewing them on the server in such an ugly format is not ideal because we want to share the data with people that dont have access to the server and we also want to represent them in a nicer format so maybe bar charts, graphs, pie charts.

    Ideally one person can create the reports then maybe publish them to a shared page. i have basic MYSQL knowledge but ive never really done anything like this so i dont really even know where to start. Some concerns are:

    Some of these SQL queries take a long time to run and typically i might only want to see the results of the reports once every day or two to share with others. I dont want to have to load a page that pulls tons of long queries each time i want to review it, ideally i would want to be able to run the report once, then be able to cache the results either by converting the page to a PDF or image or something like that. Maybe there is a better way but that was my initial thought.

    Also i don't want to spend a ton on it. If there is something that's $500 or $30-$50 a month that just makes everything a breeze and stands out from everything out there i would be willing to pay it however if there is something that does the job thats free or low cost that would be ideal.

    I had a quick look around and i seen things like Crystal Reports, not sure if thats the type of product i should be looking for, it sounds like what i would need but if i understand correctly thats between $500-$2k to use and thats kind of out of my budget. Another option might be excel but i am unsure how that would work, i havent connected to a DB on excel before, would that mean i would have to setup the DB connection on everyones PC that wants to see the reports or can i just download the report, get the data and send the data without the need for someone else to be connected to the DB?

    Anyway if you can point me in the right direction as i am not even sure what type of software i need so if someone has any suggestions i would really appreciate it.

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    And I thought MySQL has their own reporting tool.

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