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    Unanswered: schema and function versioning

    I am halfway through a large project replacing some sql server databases with postgres. I decided that it is necessary to version the schema and keep track of functions so I dumped the schema and functions and placed them into git. I had to manually make a version 1 schema by removing some table constraints that rely on functions and adding them with a v1.0.1 script. I am having a hard to organizing all of this. Currently I have one directory that has all our functions, and a new directory for each version of the schema that applies the previous versions changes so you can build the db at any version. This idea falls short though because I don't know how to keep track of functions properly. I have been reading some good articles on the web, like Jeff Atwood's Get Your Database Under Version Control blog but I have not found any examples of how to keep track functions and schema. I also found an example of schema versioning in one of the cloudera repos

    Does anyone have some examples in git or elsewhere that show how to keep track of schema and functions? I need help figuring this all out - the database is getting unruly with too many functions and schema changes. Thanks!

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    Check out Liquibase: we are quite happy with that (using it for Oracle, Postgres and SQL Server).

    Just recently a new tool for schema management specifically for Postgres has been released:
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