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    Unanswered: how to compare and update two schema in mysql using Xampp?

    hello. I am new to Mysql so pardon me for any mistake. i have a work assigned in which i have to compare two schema, each containing 12 database tables and update the first schema according to the second schema. for example,if table A in second schema has 10 columns and table A in first schema has 9 columns then after the comparison, table A of first schema will be updated with 10 columns. i have to write a mysql script that does such work. now in oracle there is option to compare schema but i don't know how to do that in mysql. i have searched net, but there are tools to compare mysql schema which have to be bought. i want to know is there nay way in which i can write the script without using any such tool? the deadline for this work is in few hours. please help me in detail. thanks in advance.

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    well what you could do is:-
    download MySQL Workbench*
    reverse engineer those two db's into bew diagrams
    compare and contrast
    alter the model that needs to be modified to reflect the new schema
    forward engineer that revised model into the original db
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    or do it the old school way
    examine each and every table, each and every column, each and every index, sp and so on....

    other data modelling tools are available, such as HeidiSQL, SQL Architect and so on
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