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    Unanswered: Delete Recycle Folder

    Here is a question Is it possible to keep the user from deleting the recycle folder?


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    It's already impossible to delete the recycle bin. All you can do is empty it, you cannot delete it no matter what level of user access you have.


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    I suspect that the real questions was "Is it possible to prevent the user from deleting the files in the Recycle Folder?" rather than keeping them from deleting the Recycle Folder itself.

    If that is the question, yes it can be done but there are many reasons why this is a bad idea. I would not try it unless there was some massively compelling reason.

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    Its not possible to delete, bit it is possible to hide Recycle Bin form user groups, so end user will not even see this folder exists. This can be done through folder Access Level.

    If the question about deleting files:
    1. It seems that it can be done through the same Folder Access Level, but I have not tested it.
    2. What I noticed that nobody (even Administrator) can delete records in Recycle Bin if BD is running in shared mode. I tested it on Server version. May be its different if compiled with Ultimate version.

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