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    Unanswered: data from Oracle9i to 11g

    Dear all,

    I am using GOLDEN GATE replication to transfer the data of 45 tables from Oracle on IBM P series server with AIX to Oracle x86 server with RHEL 6 after an initial load.

    1. Can i successfully export from Oracle 9i and import to Oracle 11g will it be compatible ?

    2. Are there any mismatches in data types support among these two Oracle versions ?

    3. Can I import the exported data from version 9i to 11g without any data loss and format mismatch ?

    I dont have any demo demo environment to test these case practically. Do any body has some use cases or any other infor about it ?

    Thanks in Advance


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    If you are using the "old" EXP/IMP utilities, perform export with the lower database version EXP utility (that would be 9i) and use target version's IMP utility (that would be 11g in your case).

    If you'd rather use Export/Import Data Pump, use VERSION parameter.

    For more info about export/import compatibility through different database versions, check 132904.1 document on My Oracle Support.

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    1) yes
    2) if going V9 to V11, then compatible. If going V11 to V9, then not compatible.
    3) yes

    >I dont have any demo demo environment to test these case practically.
    Above is true only if you are completely LAZY.
    You can install VitrualBox on your PC. Then you can load VM which contains preconfigured Oracle database & test away.
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