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    Unanswered: Combining Btreive files with Pervasive

    Hi All,

    I have several separate .btr files that need to be combined into one file.

    Can I do this with PSQL 11?

    I cannot seem to open the .btr files in the Pervasive Control Center.

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Combining Btrieve files is not a simple or automated task.
    If you have DDF files for both sets of Btrieve files, you might be able to write a SQL statement that reads from one table and writes to the 'combined' table.
    If you don't have the DDFs and can't get them or make them, you'll need to know the record structure so an app can be written to read the files, parse the record,resolve conflicts (duplicate record values on unique keys, etc), and write to the combined file.
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