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    Unanswered: Script to Delete Historic Data


    I'm fairly new to writing my own scripts, and need some help.

    I've been tasked to implement a scheduled script (running once a day) that deletes data older than 125 days from a rather big partitioned table.

    There is a column in the table that holds the transaction date which can be used in the query, or alternatively I'd like to use the high value of the table partition, or maybe even the partition position.

    Each partition contains around 40 million rows, so performance is also a concern.

    My current query:

    delete from USER.TABLE where trunc(TRANS_DATE) = '02-DEC-13';


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    >delete from USER.TABLE where trunc(TRANS_DATE) = '02-DEC-13';

    NEVER rely on implicit datatype conversion.
    '02-DEC-13' is a STRING & TO_DATE() function should be used.
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    delete from your_table
    where trans_date < trunc(sysdate) - 125
    might be a better option. TRUNC(TRANS_DATE) you used won't use index (if any) on the TRANS_DATE column. Which, furthermore, means that - if you don't already have an index on TRANS_DATE, create it.

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