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    Unanswered: "Segeo UI Symbols" showing rectangle instead of symbol

    I am designing the UI of an DB and i use Segeo UI Symbols font to make the UI looks like a Windows Metro app.

    I have a exit button (Circle with an arrow going backwards) Just like in Office 2013.

    As you can see en attached picture the exit button is showing well, but when I close the DB and load it up again the Exit button is showing a rectangle instead of the Circle. I can then go into design mode select Segeo UI Symbols again, which is already selected, and the circle is back.
    I've found this article

    That covers the subject, but it didn't solve my problem.

    So to fix this I want the button to load the symbol at form load.

    But how is the VB code for that?

    The button name is "Exit"
    FontFamily="Segoe UI Symbol"
    Symbol number (U+E0C0) Content="&#xE0c0"

    So how does it go?

    Private Sub Form_load()

    Button("Exit") = FontFamily="Segoe UI Symbol" & Content="&#xE0c0"

    End Sub

    Please Help

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I would have expected you to do this by specifying the font and symbol required as part of the text box / command button text properties.

    However that does mean you will need to distribute the font with the application, it also means that if the user deletes that font then your UI Will break as the visual clue will have gone. when a user changes computer you would then also have to make certain the new font is installed on the new computer

    So, I'd strongly recommend using images rather than special fonts for this sort of thing
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    Hey healdem.

    Thanks for reply, you have a good point there. I think i will go with icons instead..


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