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    Question Unanswered: Optimize a sql program


    I need your help. I would like optimize a sql program below. I use bulk and array. Do you have idea ?

    create table RmergeS as select * from test.RmergeS
    	create or replace procedure mergeRS is
    	TYPE R_array IS TABLE OF testR%ROWTYPE;
    	TYPE S_array IS TABLE OF testS%ROWTYPE;
    	arrayOfR R_array;
    	arrayOfS S_array;
    	i number;
    	j number;
    	hasMatch number;
    		delete from RmergeS;
    		select * bulk collect into arrayOfR from testR order by B;
    		select * bulk collect into arrayOfS from testS order by B;
    			for i in 1..arrayOfR.count loop
    				for j in 1..arrayOfS.count loop
    					IF arrayOfR(i).b = arrayOfS(j).b then
    						hasMatch := 1;
    						INSERT INTO RmergeS (A, B, C) VALUES(arrayOfR(i).A, arrayOfR(i).B, arrayOfS(j).C);
    						EXIT WHEN hasMatch = 1 and arrayOfR(i).b <> arrayOfS(j).b;
    					end if;
    				end loop;
    			end loop;
    Thanks for you help,

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    COMMIT inside LOOP makes elapsed time longer when compared to single COMMIT at the end of loop.
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    What about a simple join? Something like (not tested because no test case was included)
    INSERT INTO RmergeS (A, B, C)
    select testR.A, testR.B, testS.C
    from testR inner join testS on testS.B = testR.B;
    You may still performance problems if B is not unique in any of those tables, however, you should rather change the design in that case.

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    @56anacedent: For you, I must to move the commit before the last end loop ?

    I have two tables, table R(A,B), table S(B,C), Rbis(A,B), RmergeS(A,B,C).

    I must to recreate a table RmergeS. I must to write a pl/sql program which insert in the table RmergeS, the query result:

    select * from R natural join S;

    -> I must to use bulk but i would like optimize the query with end loop


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    Besides, this statement: "EXIT WHEN hasMatch = 1 and arrayOfR(i).b <> arrayOfS(j).b;"
    would never be true because it is inside this if: "IF arrayOfR(i).b = arrayOfS(j).b then"...

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