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    Quick question regarding data redundancy

    I'm trying to create a DVD database (more on that later-in another post). I've run into a situation where some data is sometimes, but not always duplicated in a table.

    This is just part of one table, but illustrates what I'm talking about.

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    My question is: Assuming that the duplication is coincidental ("Buffy - Season 3" just happens to be in a case called "Buffy - Season 3"). Assuming also that TitleName and CaseName are independent of each other (if I change one, I do not want the other to be effected).

    Can I avoid adding a separate Case table? I really would prefer not to if I don't have to.
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    Why would you need a separate case table?
    the casename is an attribute of the film/tv programme mot a separate entity in itsown right. It could be if you could argue that the same title may have different case names.

    If the title name and case name can be different then they are different attributes, requiring different columns to store the data, even if they sometimes have the same actual data.
    as to how you handle it, well thats up to you.
    you could store the same data in both columns.
    you could store nothing in the case name when its the same as the title name.
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