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    Unanswered: length of the blob coloumn

    Environment DB2 V10.5 on AIX - single partitioned.

    There is a blob coloumn in one of our table in the db2 database. Coloumn name is pzstream

    How do we determine the number of characters in the coloumn and number of bytes.

    I understand that there is a function length(columnname). I am not sure what it determines ? Does it determine the number of bytes of the column OR number of characters in the column ?

    Is there a function for each ? number of characters and number of bytes ??

    There is also another function dbms_lob.getlength(coloumnname) -> can I know how is this different to length(coloumnname)

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    in length and substring by default it is byte based - you can specify character based to avoid cutting a character in 2 parts
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