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    Unanswered: Command button based on cell value

    Hi again,

    I have this woorkbook with command buttons with two functions:
    1. Desplay a collor based on cell value (Background collor indicates a status)
    2. Link to sheets within the workbook

    The case is now that when I click the command button X, I get linked to another sheet. Here I change the cell value that decieds command button Xs background collor, but when I go back to my "main page", the collor dosn't change automatically. Any tips on how I can solve this?

    ....I've been trying to look up some sort of "refresh button" that I can place on my "main page" that "runs" the other command buttons. I might get a problem though due to the fact that these also have a link function?

    Appreciate all your feedbacks. BR

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    Refresh upon opening the document

    Ive now tried this aswell, in order to at least get the changes made when the users open the spreadsheet:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Application.Run "Comand button test.xlsm!Ark1.CommandButton21_Click"
    End Sub

    But I get Error message 1004 - Application or object error..

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