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    Question Unanswered: Access errors while opening a file

    Recently in my company Access database was upgraded from old 2003 to 2010. Good news. A couple of days gone, everything perfect. The next day no one in my office can load any .mdb file normally, all staff got the following error: “An error occurred while loading. Do you want to continue?” I am clicking Yes and receive another one message:“Invalid procedure call or argument”. Access repair feature did not help. Well, nothing lasts forever, but it would be great if we know what to do in the issue. I hope we should not return the older Access version back..

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    what do is

    Compact and Repair

    in the Modules I Compile it And which same up with some errors I fix them compile it again until there were no error

    before i upgrade to new version
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    hope this help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grylous View Post one in my office can load any .mdb file normally...
    By 'any .mdb file' do you mean any copy of the .mdb file for a single database...or any .mdb file for any database?

    If the former, is the database split into a front end/back end configuration, as it should be for a multi-user environment, with each user having a copy of the front end on their PCs?

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    Hope this helps!

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    Open the VBA IDE (Ctrl+G) and , check if there is no missing reference (Tools --> References), fix any missing reference then try to compile the project (Debug --> Compile...). If there is something wrong with the code, the compiler should point out the error.
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