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    Unanswered: Forms not pulling data across

    Could someone kindly assist please.


    I am building a technical database, for a IT tech who does various it jobs.
    Its a fairly simple 3 "form" page database. There are also about 6 tables in this database.

    tables are as follows;
    Category - Different tipes of IT related work
    Clients - A table containing the clients details
    Company - Different companies
    Priority - The level of urgency for the repair
    TA Company names - This is a requirement for some of the companies
    Worksheets - Where the data for the work filed will be stored

    3 Forms;
    1st Form is the main landing page
    2nd Form is where the tech will add new clients or amend the current client records
    3rd Form is the worksheet, where the tech will add new repair records

    The delimma;

    I need to add a section to the top of the worksheet that does the following;

    When I open a new worksheet, I need to select a combo box and select a company.
    Once the company is selected, I need to select a second combo box which will contain the names of all the staff in the company.
    Once I do this I need a area displayed at the top of the page containing all the clients details.

    Thereafter the tech can continue filling in the rest of the worksheet.

    I am battling to make the connection between the clients personal details and the worksheet.

    Can ayone assist?

    Thanks Gideon

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    Hope this helps!

    The problem with making anything that fools are so darn ingenious!

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