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    Unanswered: Need help Migrating a Database

    Hi there! New member here.

    I could use some advice and help on migrating a database.

    After one long year, I have finally finished development on a project, and now I need to get my MySQL database from my laptop onto my webserver.

    My laptop is a MacBook and I have been suing MAMP and phpMyAdmin.

    My webserver is a virtual server running CentOS 6.

    I have both cPanel and SSH access.

    In the past on my MacBook, I tried using phpMyAdmin to do backups, but found that it was dropping a lot of records and not truly backing up everything!!

    So, needless to say, I am not very inclined to try and use that tool to migrate my database to my web server.

    One other issue that confuses me is this...

    My web host advised me to set up the MySQL database and users using cPanel.

    So I have this empty DB container - with a MySQL user-account to manage it, and now I need help figuring out how to get everything on the inside of my Development DB transferred over to my new Production DB. (I just need the guts transferred over and not the entire database.)

    To be honest, I am totally lost on how to do all of this. (Guess it isn't as easy as just copy & pasting a MySQL file, huh?)

    1.) Can I import all of the database objects (e.g. Tables, Indexes, Queries, Triggers, Stored Procedures + Data) into an existing database?

    2.) What is the best tool to do this? (If there is something free or command-line, I'd prefer that.)

    3.) How would I handle this if I had 20,000 or 200,000 or 2 million records in my existing Development DB? Is it possible to migrate that much data successfully?

    4.) When I am all done, is there some way I can compare the Production DB on my web server against my Development DB on my laptop to verify that they match completely??


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