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    Unanswered: Inner Join with Same table

    Dear All,

    i have a company table at below.

    HTML Code:
    comid   companyname parentcompany maincom
    ------- ----------- --------------
    1          test       0             1
    2          testxx     1             0

    so here the second record i have parent company = 1 meaning company test as parent for textxx , if a company has parentcompany as 0 means tat has no parent company.

    so in this i need have a result to display in grid is

    HTML Code:
    companyname       parentcompany
    test                       no
    testxx                    test

    i tired with inner join , but it is only select the second record as it's skip the first record due inner join with comid .

    please advice.

    Looking for your valuable reply


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    on the wrong server
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    Assuming parentcompany = comid....

    SELECT T.companyname, COALESCE(T2.companyname,'no') as parentcompany
    FROM MyTable T
    ON T.parentcompany = T2.comid
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    >> I have a company table at below. <<

    Please follow basic Netiquette and post the DDL we need to answer this. Follow industry and ANSI/ISO standards in your data. You should follow ISO-11179 rules for naming data elements. You should follow ISO-8601 rules for displaying temporal data. We need to know the data types, keys and constraints on the table. Avoid dialect in favor of ANSI/ISO Standard SQL.

    Rows are not records. This is a fundamental concept in RDBMS.

    Companies are identified by their DUNS. This is a universal standard, so your com_id is as silly as throwing out the Metric system to invent your own. Being a subsidiary of a company is a relationship among compan ies. Relationships get their own tables. Here is a correction of your posting:

    CREATE TABLE Companies
    company_name CHAR(35) NOT NULL);

    CREATE TABLE Subsidiaries
    (parent_duns CHAR(9) NOT NULL REFERENCES Companies,
    subsidiary_duns CHAR(9) NOT NULL REFERENCES Companies ,
    PRIMARY KEY (parent_duns, subsidiary_duns));

    >> so here the second [sic] record [sic] I have parent company = 1 meaning company test [sic] as parent for textxx , if a company has parent_company as 0 means tat has no parent company. <<

    It looks like you used assembly language bit flags! We do not do that in SQL. Tests are not predicates. You have failed to normalize anything and increased redundancy. Rows have no ordering, so there is no concept of “second record” in SQL.

    >> so in this I need have a result to display in grid is <<

    Grid? We have no “grid” in SQL because we do not do any display formatting in SQL; that is done in a presentation layer of the tiered server architecture.

    >> please advice. <<

    Stop trying to program until you have read at least one introductory book. Seriously. You are making conceptual errors and forums can only help with programming problems. Learn what First Normal Form (1NF) is, how to write simple DDL and how modern tiered server architectures work.

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