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    Unanswered: Populating excel sheet through Access query

    What I am trying to do is populate the specific fields on excel sheet based on access query. so say I have 3 separate fields Name, Job, Salary on excel sheet (already designed excel sheet). and my access query has all 3 fields pulled up for all employees. Now if a person selects his "Name" on access form person should be able to see prepopulated excel sheet with his name, job and salary. I know I have to go recordset path. But I have never done this before. Please guide with step by step what should I do and make it possible.

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    Good evening,
    In Excel 2003 go to: Data tab and go down to click Import External Data. Click Import Data. In the SelectDataSource window at the bottom it has FilesOfDataType... Click on Access Databases or whatever you have. Then do to the Look In window to navigate to where you have your Access tables stored and go from there. Should be pretty simple.

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