We were having trouble with hackers so we have implemented a newer more secure login an register system the only trouble we are having now is getting the game client to reconize the new accounts so that the users can use them ingame.... sorry everyone i am quite new to all this not been at all this very long at all an ty ahead of time for any help with this i am gonna upload the files cuse im sure im not gonna be able to explain it all to you guys basically the login system an register system work as far as u can create users login on the site with the new user accounts but when u open the game client it doesnt reconize the accounts i have loacated the control file for this operation to pull the accounts from the sql database to the game client now there are two tables that have changed due to the new login system the users table an the social_users table was not ever part of the system till now... the 3 files i am uploading here are kdxy2.sql (orginal database for the game an rester ect) query.sql the new users an social_users tables with new varables ect) an tables.xml (this is the controll for the game client that tells it what collums varibles ect to pull to reconize the account for the user to login to the game client with) now i noticed that the main varibles in the user an social_user tables are diffrent along with many of the collums from the old sql are not used in the new login system.. me being quite new to this all i really have no idea what to do to fix this as far as to get the game client to use the new user accounts to be able to login to the game client with them well here are the files an again ty for any advice or help u may offer.