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Hello, I'm posting this thread in order to ask for some help in a DB I'm trying to create for the company I'm working for. I'm a Junior web designer but I have some experience in MS Access. I made the plan you can see attached and i wanted to know if it's accurate.
So first of all, this wont be something fancy. It's just for a couple of persons to work onto. What I need it to do is:
1. Have a simple GUI where you can do a quick search by domain name and get a full report on every single piece of info I attached to the Domain table.
2. Allow me-using another table-to create a brand new entry.
3. Be able to allow multiple entries on the tables Email, Social Media & Chanel.

My questions are, is this a one to all relation? So I have to create an id for the domain and connect it to all the other tables by entering the same id there?

My experience with Databases is nearly inexistent so please be as clear an helpful as possible. (e.g. specific steps on how to do something)

Thanks in advance,
Yours, Thanos.