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    Unanswered: create subset of whole database

    I'm working with a very large database with many tables and many records for many school districts and schools. I'd like to cut it down to a manageable size, by just keeping the records corresponding to the schools in the district where I live, because that's the data I'm interested in analyzing.

    What's an efficient way of doing this? Making a query for every single table is tedious.

    I'd also like to get all my district's data into Excel.

    If you want to suggest a macro, be gentle -- I've made macros for Word but never for Excel. I'll need instructions for how to enter the code, where to store it, and how to run it.


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    assuming that the tables are properly normalised then you should be able to do what you want be either
    limiting the data returned by identifying the district you want as part of a WHERE clause
    OR if you knwo you only ever want to use the data from a specific district then copy the entire dataabse, and using a series of delete queries delete the redundant data.
    is there a quick and easy way of dong this?
    ..well if the data is normalised and has properly defined relationships AND where appropriate thoise realtionships are on a delete cascade then yes.
    but I doubt it.

    is there another easy way. not that Im aware of.

    if you have limited exepreince in query design, then I would strongly suggest you sanitise your data, remove the redundant stuff so it doesn't cuase inadveertnat problems. BUT ONLY on a copy of the dtaa as you never know when you might want to run comparatives against other sidtgricts

    can people here do it for you, no. not least because we dont know your table design

    as to stuffign the data into Excel, well that is easy enough. either pull the data into EXCEL by runnign a query in Excel
    or push the data from Access by saving it in excel or CSV format
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