Hello Everyone,

I'm basically Infrastructure but starting to work on Databases, so basically new to this area. I work in an Oil industry for an Electrical/Instrumentation company, and my first task is to create a MS Access Database system for all works our company do, basically a full database system. Currently we're running everything on creaking Excel.

I've got few Excel sheets to start working. I don't know VBA/Macros yet. I just learned creating tables/forms/reports/queries, learned bit of SQL and very little idea of Database design.

I'm attaching one of the Excel files I received, though complex but not as much as some others. It has 4 sheets, and trying to map in MS Access.

I'm trying to apply normalization but having hard time doing it. Only 4th sheet from Excel, i.e. Man Power, I'm able to normalize and applied Queries to show in the manner as in Excel sheet... though I request you guys to check it as well. I'm confused how to normalize rest of 3 sheets, because there are too many columns with repeating information and if i'll start normalizing then I'll have extraordinary number of table references for 'Cable Schedule' and 'Index' sheets. Table Analyzer gives me about 12 tables for 1 sheet!!! Third sheet 'SUM' in Excel file also has its own complexities.

Could you guys PLEASE suggest how to normalize this one Excel file?? Later i'll apply your ideas to normalize other Excel files too.
Link below, i've uploaded both Excel and MS Access file which I'm trying to work.


Thanks all in advance.