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    Unanswered: Update multivalued field from listbox in access form

    Hi Friends,

    I am struggling with an access form problem:

    I have a form includes List box "Mylist1" in access form. The control source for Mylist1 is a multivalued field in access table. Form is saving values from listbox to table successfully. I use dlookup vba command to open records again in form.
    After the records is opened I am using Update query to update all fields in table. But its not updating listbox "Mylist1".

    Can someone help me.

    I want to update Mylist1 from Form1 to multivalued field acc1 in access table1.


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    Multivalued fields are not standard database objects and they do not comply with the First Normal Form (see for instance: Therefore, you cannot use a query (written in SQL, the standard language to communicate with databases) to handle such columns (or "fields" in Access). You must use a DAO.Recordset2 object.
    Have a nice day!

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