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    Unanswered: rows being reversed by itself

    hi all ! i keep searching everywhere and i cannot get around that !

    so lets say i have a table with 50 rows, so the id column goes from 1 to 50 of course. but then if select those 50 rows and delete them all and then enter 50 new rows it goes from 50 to 1 ! i do not understand how or why this is happening and its a huge problem since im displaying shows rows in a Xcode table view ! how do i fix that so its always going from 1 to 50 ?

    thank you very much for any help !


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    Include an ORDER BY clause in your SELECT statement.

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    Why is it happenning

    Hi thank you very much for your reply ! But how and why this is hapenning ! Just so i know ! I dont like fixing a probleme without knowing why it happened in the first place ! What is the logic behind that ?

    Thank you

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    its not a problem. Order is never guaranteed in any database system unless you use ORDER BY on your select.

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