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    Unanswered: Problem with stored procedure parameters

    Hello I work with Data Studio 4.1 for create a stored procedure with Java lenguaje. The signature is

    public class InsertProd{
    public static void x_InsertProd (String producto, double precio,

    java.lang.String rubro, ResultSet[] rs1) throws SQLException, Exception

    When I click Save the result is the show in error procedimiento 1.jpg, if I click sabe only, deploy and run the result is

    {call SERGIO23.INSERTPROD(?,?,?)}
    Java stored procedure or user-defined function "SERGIO23.INSERTPROD", specific name "SQL150301025652300" could not call Java method "x_InsertProd", signature "(Ljava/lang/String".. SQLCODE=-4306, SQLSTATE=42724, DRIVER=3.68.61
    Run of routine failed.
    - Roll back completed successfully.

    Otherwise, if I choose Sync, the DDL changes and the parameters java String turn on CHAR(1), and the result is the same.
    I worked in this few days and dont make it work. I need help.

    Kind regards.
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    I think your issue is a Data Studio issue ( not a db2 issue ).
    Always use the latest version of Data Studio (currently 4.1.1 ).
    You can develop java sprocs without using Data Studio - the IBM db2 examples for java\jdbc explain how to do this if you study them carefully.
    It's useful to be able to use different tools...

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