Hello all,

I'm an Access newbie, so forgive my ignorance! I'm creating a database for my supervisor (attached here) that will be used by several therapists at my organization to track patient information, test scores and school performance.

What she wants the therapists to be able to do is:
a.) Look up a patient to see if they're already in the system (and it not, add a new record)
b.) Allow them to update the patient's data WITHOUT deleting old records but also WITHOUT having to type in a whole bunch of information that hasn't changed (i.e., name, ID#, etc.). She wants them to see a form that is pre-populated with the latest patient information and be able to edit only the parts of that information that have changed.

In accordance with this, I've set up a rather clunky database that is supposed to be structured as follows (in case you can't open the zip file):
Two Tables - One for Patient Records and One for Updated Information
Several Forms Linked By Buttons:
Begin Here Page ->
Therapists name and today's date - >
Patient Information with a text box to pull up the most current patient information. A button leads to a new form if there is no record, and then buttons that should continue to another copy of the same form where they can edit records, BUT is saved in the table for updated information.

I have two questions about this database.

1.) Is this the best design? I'm sure it's not, but can you think of anything that would streamline the process but still do what my supervisor wants?

2.) If not, I currently am running into a snag where the second Patient Information Form (the one they're supposed to be able to update) won't allow for edits, even though the form is set in properties to Yes for AllowEdits, AllowDeletions and AllowAdditions. How can I fix this?

I can post code and such as needed, but hopefully you'll be able to see what you need in the database.

Thank you for your help!