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    Unanswered: Access rounding numbers in financial records

    I have a database that I inherited (lucky me) that manages our whole company. Part of it does work orders and invoices. On larger orders when the dollar amounts are in the 4-6 digits plus, once the discounts are applied (percentage) and tax added, the totals will sometimes be off by a few cents here and there compared to our simply accounting numbers. I did some goggling and found a few people asking more or less the same question that I am and the answers seemed to explain what I am seeing.
    Here is an example

    I understand what they are explaining, My question is I cant be the only one to run into this problem. What change should I make to fix this problem. There must be some guidelines that everyone knows on how to do this right. Are my values stored as the wrong type or is it just in the queries that the problem.

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this.


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    Chances are your results are based off a query so the best way to troubleshoot this would be to find that query and the add the round function to the field that calculates the total of the net after discount. The formula is would be something like:

    ROUND ([your formula was here] , 2)

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