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    Unanswered: db2 Query Is Taking Different Time In Diff Environments


    Query is taking different time in DEV and TEST environments. Same query in TEST environment is taking more time then in DEV environment.

    OS= SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (on both).

    DB= db2 10.5 (on both).

    Ram= 32gb (on both).

    CPU on DEV=

    vendor_id : IBM/S390 processors : 8 bogomips per cpu: 14367.00

    CPU on test:

    vendor_id : IBM/S390 processors : 8 bogomips per cpu: 18115.00

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    This topic has been covered a couple of times in the past here. In fact, I just had a similar item, but had already done on the suggested checks against one system to the other. We have a PMR open with IBM on this right now. Will update that thread once we hear back.

    Easy items first. Check to ensure you have the same indexes and that statistics are current on both systems. Then take a look at your explains are they different?

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