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    Unanswered: Multi caldulation in one Field

    Below is my calculated field that has multi calculations; however only returns the one calculated value. Can you guess why?

    newField: ((([Sales Actuals]/[Sale ])*0.45)+ ([Extt]*0.15)+(([New Anc]/[Ancillary Ann])*0.25)+(([Reten]/[Retegoal])*0.15))

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    how do you handle NULLS?
    use the coalesce or nz functions....
    the space after sale [Sale ] may be a typo, but if not that could cause problems unless the column is actually called 'sales '
    also this assumes that the items in square brackets are columns in the db and not controls on a form or report.

    of course providing infroamtion as to which eleemtns weree (and or not working) would make life to eaasy wouldnt' it....
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