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    Question Confusion regarding DB modelling

    Hi guys,
    Hope you all are doing great.
    I am currently in a big confusion while designing the database for an OLTP database. I want to design it in such a way that I will be able to add any number of modules and applications, keeping the database design intact.
    Initially I was designing the database in a conventional manner. However, when the user specified that he needs to include localization in his database, I am thinking of creating the structure in the following manner:

    Object Type | Object | Attributes | Labels | Languages
    OBJTYP1 | TBL1 OBJTYP1 | TBL1 COL1 |TBL1 COL1 Lang1 LBL1 | Lang1
    OBJTYP2 | TBL1 OBJTYP1 | TBL1 COL1 |TBL1 COL1 Lang2 LBL2 | Lang2
    OBJTYP3 | TBL2 OBJTYP2 | TBL2 COL1 |TBL1 COL1 Lang3 LBL3 | Lang3
    OBJTYP4 | TBL3 OBJTYP3 | TBL1 COL2 |TBL1 COL2 Lang1 LBL4 | Lang1

    This is the way I am thinking of creating the db design. Can you please suggest what are the pros and cons of this structure.
    Awaiting your response eagerly.


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    In abstract terms: The dothingy won't adequately conflaburate with any smingle. This design won't efficiently fromboggle. Scale this won't. EAV is bad except when modeling EAV.

    If you need more specific commentary and suggestions, I'd be happy to help after you provide more specific examples.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    Hi Pat,
    Appreciate your quick response.
    In my application, a user want to add his own fields. Like for an example, in RDBMS terms, if there are two tables called User and Customer, then a user should be able to add customised fields. See I will show you with an example below:

    User | Customer
    --------- |--------------
    userID | CustomerID
    username |Name
    Password |userID

    So, through the application, if a user wants to add his own custom fields for his customer, how would he do it, unless we use an EAV system?


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