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    Unanswered: How To Mount A Backup File

    I am trying to set up a development environment. Our company uses a Paradox database and I have a backup copy in a file with a .cyc extension. I don't have Paradox installed on my machine. Do I need to contact our IT people to get a copy of Paradox installed, or can I download a free copy without purchase? After I have Paradox installed do I need to go through a restore process to mount this database and do you know a link to the instructions to do that?


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    late reply, but..

    Paradox does not have a file with a cyc extension, or anything remotely close.. Paradox itself is not a backup system, or anything remotely close.. evidently, you need to extract some paradox files from something else, like a zip file, but not a zip file.. google "cyc file extension" and you'll get a bunch of good hits.. personally, I never heard of it before, sorry..
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