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    Help with db software decision

    Hello, I think I'll need help from you pros...

    I have to decide which software to use for a small database project in school:

    Must have requirements:
    • only one user at a time necessary.
    • DB on a central server to enable multiple clients. (but not at a time required, see above)
    • Backup and restore.
    • About 3000 rows and 25 columns
    • Possibility to add more columns after finishing the DB setup

    Nice to have:
    • Possibility to edit entries with a website/ mobile app

    If you need more information I'll do my best to help you.

    Thank you for every help.

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    Help with db software decision

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    theres two distinct element here
    one is how you store the data, the other is how you interact with the data (the way you view it).
    from what you have said so far I doubt you need a db at all.... a simple spreadsheet or even flat file would store the data adequately

    the fact you may want to add more columns would also suggest a spreadsheet may be the way to go
    you could store the spreadsheet on a netowrk accessable drive or cloud storage device

    choose one of the open formats so users can use whatever propram they have locally to access the data
    the fact that open office and the liek can easily read Excel woudl suggest thats a contender. or abstract it further and store as CSV

    Spreadhseets work well for single data entry. dependingo on the set up you may be able to get single user edit, multi user read only. in fact that spreadsheets main limitations may not mater to you for what you are proposing
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