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    Thumbs up Looking for a database specialist to help me


    I am a student in a basic database course and I need help with my course project. I am looking for a database specialist who can: Draw a diagram, do normalization, create few tables using microsoft sql server, and complete other requirements of the project. The project is at entry level and should be easy for you, but may take sometime due to planning.

    Will pay $200 for that.

    If you are interested, please pm me with your e-mail. Thank you.

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    do your own homework
    well its part of the learning process. whats the phrase 'learn by doing'. if you don't understand the concepts that your homework is meant to re inforce then go back to your teacher / lecturer / whatever. failing that talk to your peers.

    virtually no one will do this for you, except for people with no morals, no standards and no respect for you. if you do commission somone to cheat on your behalf 9and lets face it that si what you are encouraging / engaged in) then you leave yourself wide open to fraudulent activuty.

    Another good reason why professionals working in this sort of area wouldn't do your homework is that there is a danger you will pass off their work as your, get some spurious qualification and then seek to gain employment on the back of that qualification.
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